Opinion Editor Corinne Capodagli's comprehensive ranking of The Office characters


Corinne Capodagli, Opinion Editor

From Michael Scott’s borderline inappropriate jokes, to the Jim and Pam love story, and Dwight’s pursuit for Regional Manager, it should stand undisputed that the Office is one of the best shows to have ever aired on television.

For years though, one question has plagued me time and time again. Who is the best character on The Office? Roy and Robert California aside, one could really make a case for any of the lovable Dunder Mifflin employees.

So in the name of television justice, I have set out on a quest to finally discover who the supreme character is. The list I have compiled is comprised of main characters from the show and shall proceed from worst to best.

Toby Flenderson

I feel like this is a no-brainer. The running joke in the show was how much everyone hated Toby. Between his Scranton Strangler obsession and melancholy attitude, one can’t help but feel bad for him, unfortunately, he was just so, well, Toby. Thus, he is no shining star as far as Office characters go, but he’s not, as Michael would say, an “abomination,” either.

Roy Anderson

Okay, while Roy may not have been a main character all throughout The Office, his character was pivotal to the Jim and Pam love story, and has therefore earned him a spot on the list. That being said, anyone who supports Roy can be no friend of mine. He never gave Pam the attention that she deserved and the man wouldn’t understand the word “romance” if he had a dictionary right in front of him.

Ryan Howard

Hello, ever heard of a little thing called character development? Even Meredith got better towards the end, but Ryan’s character was always cringey. Kelly Kapoor had it right when she broke up with him (we’ll pretend that they never got back together in the last episode).

Meredith Palmer

At times, Meredith’s romantic pursuits left me unsure of whether I should say, “You go girl!” or “Meredith, please not again.” It’s no wonder Michael hit her with his car.

Creed Bratton

Creed, a man of mystery, and one of the most confusing characters on the show. I’m still unsure whether to laugh or call the cops when it comes to some of his infamous stories.

Stanley Hudson

I applaud his can-do attitude towards anything relating to pretzels. However, I’m not sure how someone can commit to an eight hour work day without ever really getting anything done. But alas, this may be one of life’s greatest mysteries.

Angela Martin

At least Angela was nice to her cats. Her on-and-off romance with some of her fellow coworkers like Andy and Dwight kept all of us on our toes. Plus, I can’t help but smile whenever I think of Dwight carrying her around on his beet farm in a babybjorn.

Phyllis Vance

Phyllis is like the grandmother that you never knew you needed. Between her cardinal “rainy day” phrases and her saucy sense of humor, she’s a fun character to root for. Plus, she really knows how to plan a party.

Kevin Malone

Kevin and I are similar in the sense that be both can’t resist the allure of M&Ms. Plus, it was sweet when he tried to the turtle that he accidentally ran over in the parking lot.

Oscar Martinez

Oscar is a bit of a know-it-all. Thus, it was extremely satisfying when his team lost Trivia Night to the “Just For Fun” team comprised of Erin, Kevin, Kelly, and Meredith in season eight. Although, he was super supportive of Angela when she was going through her rough patch, so for that, he has earned himself a spot in the middle of the list.

Darryl Philbin

Darryl went from Warehouse worker to a regular on the show. His final goodbye dance will be forever memorialized in my mind.  

Erin Hannon

Erin is the refreshing light after the end of a long tunnel that was season four. Her hidden level of fire and competitiveness that finally came out in during the paper airplane competition should have at least nominated her for a Dundie.

Andrew Bernard

Andy is arguably the most awkward characters on The Office. From the getgo, he struggled to find his place on the Dunder Mifflin sales team and when he finally was manager, he left for three months to sail his family boat to the Bahamas. Nevertheless, he’s still the Nard Dog.

Kelly Kapoor

Honestly, I just love Mindy Kaling so much, that I think Kelly Kapoor deserved her own spin-off show, luckily I have The Mindy Project to keep me tied over until that day finally comes. Kelly just had no filter and wasn’t afraid to tell a person how much they sucked. If only she could have done the same with Ryan.

Jim Halpert

What? Are you surprised that Jim isn’t ranked higher up on the list. Look, I’ll be the first to open up and say that I love Jim. His shenanigans and Dwight pranks are virtually unmatched, but it took him forever to finally tell Pam how he felt, and he left her by herself with the two kids to go to work at his new company, Athlead, in Philadelphia.

Michael Scott

I can’t even watch the end of season eight without tearing up. I just skip past “Goodbye Michael” to save myself the agony. Michael was just embodied the spirit of Dunder Mifflin. He started out as a character that nobody was sure about, and slowly reserved himself a spot in the heart of every faithful Office viewer.

Pam Beesly Halpert

You’ve got to love Pam. She went from being a friendly receptionist to everyone’s Office BFF. Plus, she painted a beautiful mural, and then when it got defaced by a certain warehouse worker who shall remain nameless, she got right back to it and painted something even better.

Dwight K. Schrute

Michael Scott is the best character in The Office. False. Dwight Kurt Schrute reigns supreme. I bet you even read that in a Dwight voice, because that’s how awesome he is. Dwight became the pinnacle of The Office. He went from sad Assistant to the Regional Manager to the boss of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Because of him, I will always carry a special place in my heart for mustard colored dress shirts, and anything relating to bears, beets, or Battlestar Galactica.