Scott Fitchett: Who Are You?

A look into Mr. Fitchett’s career at Sandpoint High School


Scott Fitchett (nicknamed Scotty) is a well-known teacher, mostly for upperclassmen. He is 38 and has taught at Sandpoint High School for 16 years. He is the teacher who replaces Mrs. Roos in W3 after the first semester is over in late January. Mr. Fitchett teaches sociology, psychology, and performance psychology, who features and is also taught by Baranski. In the past he’s taught US History, Government, Global Studies, Recreational PE & Current Events. Most of his classes do not follow your average agenda, often putting students in “experiments” where they are intellectually and sometimes physically challenged. There is usually no homework, and though the physical challenges are seen more in performance psych, sociology and psychology students may also receive a challenge that involves physical effort. But they are often prompted to write on a small sheet of paper. Prompts can include A-ha’s of the day (random thoughts or ideas), question(s) of the day, & other fun prompts. Scotty has also mentioned that students can put anything on the paper and they will still get put on the spotlight (aka win a gold star sticker, a new reward he gives out). 


He encourages students to interact with each other, even with those that they don’t know in order to understand themselves and others. Some activities in performance psych, psychology and sociology include Chair of Enlightenment (in sociology, students can decide if they want to sit in a chair or not and be told what groups of people the students think they hang out with from a list of school stereotypes – nerds, emos, etc., in psychology, students are encouraged to compliment whoever so chooses to sit in the chair in some way), reciting Dr. Seuss without messing up, holding a piece of ice for as long as possible, making an interpretive dance, becoming a teacher and teaching how to do something to the whole class, acting weird and doing weird things such as make monkey noises and stare at people in the weight room and so on.


Scotty describes his childhood as fun. He was very active outdoors. “My childhood was great; I basically grew up in the woods doing all sorts of activities, just running around building forts and hatchets and hunting and fishing. When I was younger, I wanted to be a hunting guide and a logger, my dad’s a logger and a lot of my relatives are hunting guides, but my parents said I had to go to college, and so then I went to college and they put me in teaching ‘cause that’s what you do with a history degree and here I am.”


Scotty Biscotti is also known as the teacher who is probably the most open to everyone. What is often considered private or personal information for others is not for this delightful & high-energy teacher. He tells where he lives, such as the exact road & his garage number. He also gives out his CVV code and card number. This truly shows how much he trusts his students. “I think probably one of the things that has made me a successful teacher is I’m good at building relationships and that’s part of the human relationship, trust and letting people know who you are.” But being this open comes with near potential risks.

Here’s the full breakdown of a scary event that happened“I just thought it was funny, long story short, I can tell a long story, but I hate bananas and a student knew that I hated bananas; tried to break into my house to put banana bread on my table, but I saw them as they were running away as I chased them away from my house I saw they were in ninja costumes so I knew it wasn’t a big deal, so I found out who the student was and just had a nice chat with him about why I almost killed him and why he was trying to break into my house and go to jail. I wasn’t worried about it, but Sage was, she was super upset”

Scotty Zotty also has interesting feats, specifically obsessions & dislikes. He states that he has “always liked & loved all kinds of shoes” and that “he used to have a lot.” At the prime of his shoe addiction, he had over 100 pairs of footwear. That’s a lot of shoes! Now he says he’s down to 20 or 30 pairs of shoes, which is still a lot. With things he likes comes things he hates. Bananas. Running. All kinds of rodents. These are pretty much all he dislikes. I, Kirby Abad, was in his Sociology class on Friday, 2/24, and we were prompted to all walk in with a specific style that breaks social norms. The fruit of choice we brought was bananas. His reaction? You guessed it. Once he saw some people eating bananas in his class, he went absolutely bonkers skidonkers. He covered his nose with his long sleeve and cleared out banana peels sitting in the small trash cans. Guess he evolved differently than the rest of us. Besides bashing bananas, he also made a vow earlier in his life where he would never run ever again. However, he did break this vow in last year’s performance psych class, as the students, Scotty & Baranski were instructed to intensely work out from Coach Yarno. Although he dislikes running, he states that he would only run for class purposes.

A small detail he later mentions in the interview is that he is the new baseball coach this year, as Rick is having health issues and is taking his place for the time being. Scotty also says that he’s more intense as a coach, but very mello as a teacher.

To sum this all up, Scotty is a really good person and deserves lots more love and respect. He’s always willing to help students out by being a resource or trusted adult to talk to and hopes that you live a happy, healthy, flourishing and abundant life.