A Scathing Review of Sandpoint High School’s bathrooms

Aidan Terry, Video Editor

Since the dawn of man, one question has persisted in the minds of those who walk the Earth. It has stumped, confused, and utterly baffled even the most inquisitive of minds. It has eaten and gnawed like a cancerous tumor in the subconscious of everyone in the high school. After many long hours and hard work, the answer has finally arisen. The answer as to which bathroom is objectively the best in Sandpoint High School. 

Data has been taken from around each of the bathrooms in the school from many unbiased, diverse sources. To be considered in this data the bathroom has to be a bathroom and only a bathroom. That means no locker rooms. 

To begin, the best overall men’s bathroom in the school. When asked to rate the bathroom directly north-west of the commons on a scale of one to five, the average consensus of people interviewed rated the experience a four. The toilet paper was reportedly “Good” according to one Andrew Sperry, and all the amenities were in stock. The cleanliness was averaged out to be a three out of five star experience. So, if you need to go in school and you are a man, head north-west of the commons and find a wonderful experience.

The best women’s bathroom is very clearly the winner for this review. With a standout average score of 4.5 out of five stars and a fully stocked repertoire, the answer as to which female bathroom is the best is obvious. The S. Hall Women’s bathroom. Mateja Riberio even stated that the atmosphere of the bathroom was “Exciting”. The only downside to the restroom being that I can not use it, which makes me sad.

Be advised to steer clear of the southernmost male bathroom. Only averaging 1.5 stars out of 5, this bathroom is a disaster. The toilet paper was nearly out of stock. The bathroom had “An air of misfortune” according to prolific musician and actor Sidney Meshberg. Not only this, but it was recently found that a door is missing from one of the bathroom stalls. Any one of these things by themselves would make a bathroom experience not enjoyable in the slightest, but combined, these factors lead to the South Male Bathroom being the worst in the school.

With the question of which bathroom in Sandpoint High School is the best now answered, only one question still remains. That question being, what bathroom will you go to?