No Turkey on Thanksgiving?


Crazy talk, to say the least, the only exception to not having this dish on your table front and center ready to share would be if you are allergic to turkey. Other than that turkey is essentially the mascot for Thanksgiving and what the culture of the US uses in order to recognize the meals that are always prepared on this day which yet again incorporate turkey.

Not to mention the dish is absolutely delicious and if cooked right has the perfect ratio of juiciness and texture. It is even supposed to be true that turkey was eaten at the very first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims which would have led the tradition all the way to the 21st century (Britannica). If not for turkey attending this special occasion dinner the table would look bare and become a bland non-extravaganza variety of food that Thanksgiving creates.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving dinners provide a list of tasty food and treats but turkey will always be the centerpiece on my family’s dinner table and I hope it is the same case for you.