Gratitude in Asian Cultures

CP Staffer Sarika Saiyara discusses gratitude through her cultural perspective


Sarika Saiyara, Lifestyle Editor

During Thanksgiving Eve, it is customary in America to say thank you and express gratitude to family and friends. Some people also indulge themselves in charity to give back to their community as a “thank you”. However, cultures around the world are diverse and have different ways of expressing gratitude. Let us get to know some of the South Asian ways of saying thank you. 

South Asia 

In countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, saying “thank you” is way too formal and inappropriate for most conversations. There is a hidden, unspoken feeling of gratitude in every interaction and when you do thank someone, it is heartfelt and often said while maintaining eye contact with the person.


China and Taiwan 

Chinese people often thank the sky as their means of expressing gratitude to all things under the sky. They direct individual gratitude to an all-encompassing universe, which is made up of everything and every being. Taiwanese people express gratitude by highlighting how a single act does not only affect the direct recipients but to others as well in the grand scheme of life.