Schweitzer’s Snow Ghost has been replaced


Photo Courtesy of Scot Auld

Colburn Park being constructed earlier this year.

Wil Auld, Outdoors Editor

During these last few weeks Schweitzer Mountain Resort has been putting the final touches on the two lifts replacing Snow Ghost. While many know of this change, few are aware of the details.

Snow Ghost, the beloved two person lift, will be replaced with a high speed quad and triple. Although it may not seem significant to some, for many Schweitzer enthusiasts, Snow Ghost’s replacement is a big deal. With Colburn Triple’s addition, which starts below Colburn Lake and ends at the old Snow Ghost liftee shack, skiers and snowboarders gain access from Lakeside Chutes to Debbie Sue without having to travel down to Cedar Park. And for those worried about getting to Have Fun or Kaniksu, fear not, for the new Cedar Park Express grants fast and easy access, all while being much safer than the previous lift.

Besides adding these new lifts, Schweitzer Mountain Resort has also made the addition of seven new runs and thinned out numerous forest areas. “With these drastic changes to the resort,” stated Scot Auld, Schweitzer Human Resources director, “People won’t even be able to recognize it.” In the end, a little change never hurts, and in Schweitzer’s case it will only make the Outback Bowl more enjoyable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.