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Walking on Cloud 9

An inside look on this year’s homecoming

   Every year, homecoming comes around the corner at full speed. 2 weeks in and the excitement is in full swing; getting your homecoming dress, proposals, dress-up week, etc. All exciting things, but to some… very stressful. 

   This year’s homecoming theme is something unique from the past years. The Student Council Junior class came up with Cloud 9 to set the mood for a fantastic night and provide the students with an amazing environment. This class has been working since the first day of school to give SHS students the best experience even with such limited time.

   “Homecoming is definitely coming along, but quite stressful,” says the Junior Class Vice President, Ruby Jiles. Jiles explains that the biggest conflict she and the other juniors are facing is communication. Each year, it takes some time to learn the best way to work together with your new team, which makes homecoming one of the most difficult events to plan. Jiles also added that her favorite part of planning homecoming is, “seeing the junior class work together and get work done.”

   This year, homecoming is on Saturday, September 23 following the homecoming football game which takes place the night before. This week, Sandpoint High School will show their spirit by participating in different dress-up days. The week of homecoming will have a different theme to dress up as each day and the more people dress up the better. Below you can find a list of the different dress-up days:


Monday: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer- You are free to choose which movie you want to dress up like!


Tuesday: Salad Dressing Day- Each class is assigned to dress as that dressing 

(Freshman: blue cheese- wear blue, Sophomores: Thousand Island– dress Tropical, Juniors: ranch- dress western, Seniors: toga Tuesday- wear a toga!)


Wednesday: Class Colors- Dress in your assigned Powderpuff color 

(Freshman: orange, Sophomores: blue, Juniors: purple, Seniors: pink)


Thursday: Dress as the First Letter of Your Name- Ex. C- cowboy, H- Hawaiian


Friday: Spirit Day- Wear red & white!


If you are interested in attending the homecoming dance, tickets are being sold at lunch and after school. Tickets are $10 for 1 and $15 for 2. Also, make sure you vote for who you want to win royalty! This year’s King and Queen will be announced during halftime of the football game on Friday night. Homecoming this year should be fun and we hope you can go and enjoy your night!

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