Back to School Guide

We are a month into the school year and while that might not feel long, it is time to get on top of your school routine. 6 tips to help you ace school like a boss:


Sarika Saiyara, Lifestyles Editor

Buy the supplies you need

Students either make the mistake of buying too little or too much stationery. A pen, a pencil and a highlighter are the golden trio and go a long way when it comes to regular classroom supplies. Yet make sure you keep an extra pen, just in case the ink in the first one is finished. 

Write the deadline down

With 4 courses going at the speed of a bullet train, a daily planner is very handy to keep organized. Before you zone out because paper is not your thing, use your mobile phone! For once, you always have them and we use them anyways. Use the built-in Calendar for projects and Notes for homework and assignments.  

Get acquainted with Schoology

Especially if you are a freshmen, getting to know and understand the software you are using for most classes is key to acing           the classes. If you have any questions, reach out to the IT room near the Counsellor’s Office, or the Office itself.

Preparation starts the night before

While it is tempting to start packing the day of school, it is much easier and less stressful to pack your bag the night before. You can also go as far as making lunches and picking outfits the night before to be a hundred percent prepared for school. Make sure you check the weather forecast to know whether to dress up or down! 

Make new friends

Making new friends at school is not only fun, but they can also help you when you are absent or not understanding a subject. We have 4 classes this term so make sure you make friends with people in all classes, who knows, you might find a new close friend!

Check out the clubs

Our highschool has many new clubs booming up this year so make sure you check them out. Finding a school activity you enjoy can definitely make your life a whole lot better and more enjoyable!