Will you be my Valentine?

7 Ways to Ask Someone to be your Valentine

Ask them in a card

You can choose a premade card or make one by hand! Handmade gifts are always a good way to go because they can show the person that you care. 

Send them a funny text

Showing your potential Valentine that you have a sense of humor can break down their walls and show them that you’re the right person to spend their Valentine’s Day with. Send them a punny text or a cheesy pick up line!

Ask in person!

If you know the person well you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates or some flowers. Gift’s aren’t even necessary as long as you bring your charm.

Ask them through candy

Buying some Valentine’s conversation hearts and gifting them to your person of choice will show them that you are interested in spending Valentine’s day with them without having to ask them directly.

Write a poem

Hand written poems are always a good way to go because they show that you know what the person likes and it can also show them that you are definitely interested in them because you took the time to write them something special. 


Gifting them flowers is always a good way to go as well. Find out what their favorite flower is and you can give them flowers with a note asking them to be your Valentine. 

Ask them indirectly

If you are too nervous to put a label on going out with them for Valentines you can always ask them if they want to go to a movie or get dinner on February 14th. This implies that you would like them to be your Valentine, without having to ask them directly.