This is probably the most asked conspiracy question yet no one has an answer…

Joe Parsley, Web Editor

Did you know that, according to the Halloween retail company, 62% of Americans believe that aliens are real? It’s not all that crazy to believe either.

The possibility of extraterrestrial life has been hypothesized and believed in for hundreds of years now, and the odds supporting aliens are real.

Scientists estimate that there are 76 sextillion stars similar to our sun and almost all of them have some type of a planet.

They also estimate that about 25% of those stars have one or more planets similar to the one we are living on; that’s roughly 19 sextillion stars with at least one Earth-like planet.

It would be shocking if none of these planets that were similar to Earth had no intelligent life like our own since there are so many planets that each person on Earth could have about 1 trillion planets of their own–that’s a lot of planets!

Also, it would be insane to not look at the planets where humans couldn’t live, because aliens don’t have to be just like us. Just because humans have to breathe oxygen and drink water doesn’t mean that alien life will have to too.

The possibility of alien life is very likely considering the amount of planets that are in the universe; it’s such a big number that there really isn’t an estimate. So, do you think that aliens are real? Take the poll below.

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