Students bond over trucks and hunting

Jacob Aanes, Business Manager

Hanging out and rattling for bucks; that’s the life of a West Side Hick.

Started by Cody Walker in 2013, West Side Hicks has become a phenomenon among a variety of students at Sandpoint High School. Since the group has gained copious amounts of recognition over the past couple of months, their group only continues to flourish.

But for students who haven’t heard of the West Side Hicks some can’t help but ask themselves: how did they become what they are today?

For students like Walker and senior Nick Stangel, their rapport over the years has molded from a basic acquaintanceship to a group they like to call the West Side Hicks. This group of which they call their own was formed back in their freshman year of high school and has grown ever since through avenues like stickers and clothing apparel.

“Our clan is all about hangin’ out with other members and rattlin’ for bucks,” senior Cody Walker said. “I started the West Side Hicks back in 2013, my freshman year, and we’ve grown ever since. We even have stickers for the truck of every West Side Hick member.”

In addition to spreading the word of their club through their outward expression of their trucks, the West Side Hicks also participate in activities with other members.

In this student-run group, members like to participate in activities ranging from working on their trucks, hunting, or getting together to celebrate on the weekends.

“The West Side Hicks are a cult that got it’s name from the west side parking lot years ago,” said senior member Nick Stangel. “On the weekend, we usually like to rally anything with four wheels and work on our trucks…”

If you wish to find out more about the West Side Hicks, you can find them by tracking down their signature bumper stickers in the high school parking lot or by approaching one of the head members.