Sandpoint High School welders showcase their talent for Valentines Day.


Emi Lynch

Finished roses wait to be painted or distributed to customers.

During Valentines Day, Sandpoint High School’s very own welding club has chosen to put their own spin on making valentines, rather than the typical box brand from Walmart.

Creating roses made of metal has become a tradition for the welding class, ever since Mr. Stark had become a teacher. Although they don’t make them in bulk, the pieces are good quality. “Right now, I have 45 guys in Welding 2, which means around 50 roses. They can make two” Stark commented, regarding the amount made this year. “We just make as many as we can. If we have leftovers, we save them for next year.”

While making gifts for a certain someone, the class also creates revenue from selling the roses during Valentines Day. The price of a rose is $15, but some of the cost comes back to the program. “By selling those roses we were able to raise money for shirts with our welding logo.” said SHS senior J.D. Griffin, who participates in the project. Along with the shirts, the welders get to bring home a rose as well. “When I made roses last year I was able to make a few extra for friends and family.” Griffin continues.

Behind the scenes, the process of creating the roses can be more difficult than what meets the eye. Although it may be thought of as just putting a few pieces of metal together, there are extra challenges. “Making the roses is very challenging because you have to weld on very thin metal without melting it.” states Griffin. “It is also a process of shaping the petals.”

Not only is it hard to make, but the process can be dangerous as well. “We just try to make sure everyone is safe. With 20 something guys in each class- that’s a lot of guys to watch.” Stark said “Most guys are very self-starting, self-driven; they know where and when to go to work.” Stark states, going on to praise the work ethic of the class.

Next time you’re looking for a meaningful Valentines gift for someone close, look to the creations by local students who put hard work and time into making their artwork.