Athlete profile of Hannah Davidson










Q: How would you explain kiteboarding?

Hannah: Kiteboarding is sort of like wakeboarding behind a boat but instead of a boat pulling you, you’re flying a kite which pulls you.

Q: What kind of techniques and skills come along with the sport?

Hannah: You have to know how to fly the kite really well. It’s not like flying a normal kite. There are more strings that connect and you have to know how to use the bar. You also use skills needed for wakeboarding as well.

Q: When did you begin kiteboarding?

Hannah: I began when I was about 12. I only go a couple times a year.

Q: Who taught you how to kiteboard?

Hannah: My dad taught me.

Q: Is kiteboarding a sport that you will continue?

Hannah: Yes I hope so.

Q: You also run Cross Country and Track. Do the skills required for these sports carry over to kiteboarding in some aspects or vis versa?

Hannah: Not really. They are very different.