Skiing the R1 run at Schweitzer Mountain proved dangerous for experienced skier Brennan Powell this winter.

Roan Allen

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November 23, 2015
October 15, 2015

Brennan Powell, a junior at Sandpoint High, has enjoyed skiing up at Schweitzer Mountain and other ski resorts in the area since he was a child.

As a competitive ski racer, he traveled all over the northwest creating quite the name for himself as a well-respected and advanced skier. With that being said, it came as a huge surprise to everyone when Powell had a near-death experience on the slopes earlier this December.

Powell was skiing R1 run on Schweitzer Mountain when he attempted a Nose Butter 360 trick off of a cliff. Amidst the aerial maneuver, he ejected from one of his skis. He then landed, and with limited control, could not avoid colliding with an exposed boulder. The impact broke his 7th and 2nd rib, broke the joint to his scapula, exploded another portion of his scapula, broke his collarbone, punctured and collapsed one of his lungs, and left an air bubble under his skin.

Powell spent five days in the hospital recovering. He returned home for about a week and then spent another three days in the hospital because of complications with his medication. During this time he received lots of support from his friends and family and was visited constantly.

Now, as Powell returns to his regular life and school he is doing well.

“I am a lot better now and I am done taking pain pills,” Powell said.