Is the Mario Kart Tour app the new Pokemon Go?


Abigail Hendricks

Mario Kart Tour is catching the eyes of lots of students.

Abigail Hendricks, Opinion Editor

It’s the year 2009. You’re playing your favorite Wii game, Mario Kart, and you finally made it through Rainbow Road without falling off. How can it get any better than this? Well, buckle your seatbelts. It just did.

On September 25, 2019, Nintendo changed the Mario Kart world forever and released their new app, Mario Kart Tours. The game already had attention before it was released, with people pre-ordering the app prior to the launch date in the app stores. Now that it’s out to download for free even the world has answered by launching it up to number one on the App Store charts.

Of course, there are still speculating questions. Does it live up to the hype? Could it even compare to the Wii and Nintendo Switch versions? Is it worth the download?

Overall, the functions of Mario Kart Tours are nothing to complain about. The app is a perfect way to play on the go, anywhere you want (as long as you have internet). One popular feature is that you can add people using a number code, cancompare race scores, and can see who is doing better in the game. Instead of just placing in the game, you compete for the most points as well as hitting people with items, having higher level characters, vehicles, and gliders, and more.

Although the newest Mario Kart is the most popular app at the moment, there are some minor drawbacks to the functions. Instead of the normal turn of a remote, you must drag left and right on the screen with your fingers to steer the car. Therefore people just beginning their Mario Kart journey may take a while to do well, not being used to the new controls. Along with this, people are hoping to see an update where you can play directly against your friends, rather than just competing against the scores you gain playing against the computer players. This has been rumored to be added to the app, but no one can be sure when.

In the end, Nintendo has created a clean, new, fun app that takes Mario Kart competitions to another level.