Senior muralists begin the traditional piece over the coming days, in honor of the 2019 graduating class


Josh Wells

Senior muralists begin creating this years mural.

Shea Kilpatrick, Lifestyles Editor

Each year the mess of the senior hallway expands with the development of the newest Senior Mural creation. This year will be no different.

The talents of three notable seniors will be included: Jenna Dotson, Renae York, Emma Ferguson and Kyra Johnston. “This group is looking at something very colorful, “Mandala-like” design that features different aspects of SHS life and community” says Heather Guthrie, mural advisor.

Guthrie is laying out the planning for the talented senior artists and things are about to get moving, with materials being the only thing standing in the way. Things must first be ordered, MDF board being the vital piece. Once the board is hung in the hallway, the artists have to  finish before spring break, calling for a quick turn around.

The biggest feat will be enlarging such a massive piece from a 2×2 foot paper, into a creation for all passerby’s viewing pleasure. This challenge is one the artists are looking forward to taking on, as it will leave a mark in Sandpoint High School for many years to come. “Throughout high school it was always something I told myself I’d try since I haven’t done anything like it before.” says  Ferguson.

Guthrie, a veteran senior mural advisor, is not particularly keen on cartoon style art and aspires to see her students go in a more ‘painterly’ direction. Despite preference, “My hopes are that it is unique, and unlike the others,” Guthrie explains.