Teachers notice trends from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s resurfacing in today’s high school styles

Jezza Hutto , Managing Editor

Unlike many of the progressive ideas found in young generations today, the new style is beginning to reflect the old. Fashion is always evolving, yet much of it reverts back to past trends as if it’s an ongoing cycle.

From the 70s, circular glasses, fur lined jackets, and denim on denim are trends that have made a widespread comeback.

“When I was in high school, corduroy pants and Levis were very in,” teacher Mary Bird said. “If you wore a brand other than Levi, you were a total dork.”

The 80s are offering Converse, “mom jeans”, scrunchies, bum equipment and retro color combinations such as turquoise and purple. Some things, like Converse and scrunchies, have made a big enough comeback that they aren’t considered throwback style anymore. That is, of course, until mom or dad points out that they wore the same thing in high school.

“I’ve noticed that my own kids have asked for Vans, Converse, scrunchies and the big, baggy sweatshirts that go off the shoulder,” teacher Lisa Cessna said. “I love seeing the styles come back and I think it’s funny.”

Whether people are happy about it or not, trends from past generations are taking over the the future fashion world, so it might be time to start shopping in mom and dad’s closet.

“It’s funny just to see it come back around because I swore I’d never see it happen when I was wearing it in high school,” teacher Lisa Barton said.