Cafeteria staff cook and serve meals daily but still don’t receive adequate recognition


Freddy Libby

Cheryl Clark prepares meals and serves students during the lunch rush.

Molly Balison, Web Staff

An abundance of recognition is given to the teachers and administrators, but attention also needs to be given to food service workers that hold the responsibility of making sure that hundreds of students are fed daily. Lunch is possibly the most awaited time of the school day and it’s also the time that the school cooks prepare for all morning.

One kitchen staff member, Cheryl Clark, has been working at SHS for 11 years and titles herself as a “Child Nutrition Coordinator”. Her job is to manage and oversee that the flow of the kitchen runs smoothly.

“I try to help everybody get through their job and help wherever I’m needed to get things done on time.” Clark said.

Her favorite part about her work day is getting to serve polite students. When Clark was asked if she felt like she was a part of SHS’s community, she said, “Absolutely. I love my job here.”

Jamie Hilbert, a new addition to the SHS kitchen staff this year, is responsible for cooking and preparing all the hot lunch foods and breakfasts. Hilbert can proudly say that she feels like she is a part of SHS’s “inclusive community.”

“We work pretty well together and I’m sure our [relationships] will develop more over time.” Hilbert said about her coworkers.

Hilbert also expressed her gratitude that the students are always polite. She said that she hasn’t had enough recognition for her job, but she hopes that her efforts will be recognized the longer that she works at SHS.