Senior Jason Leedle finds passion in learning to play the guitar.

Many students carry interests or passions into high school that mold the type of individual they become during their four years as a student. Some, however, such as Senior Jason Leedle, explore their crafts for the first time towards the end of their high school career.

“I started playing because I listen to so much music, I was like, “Why am I not making music?”

Leedle began playing the guitar this past January, initially setting out to teach himself.

“I would go on Youtube or the Internet and I taught myself how to do the basics and stuff, but now I go to lessons and … I practice like all the time.”

In the short duration of time Leedle has been playing, he has acquired skill enough to join the Sandpoint High School Band.

Leedle remarks that while this step was initially intimidating, the experience has been extremely rewarding.

If you find something that you love, it’s way easier to just put in the work. ”

— Jason Leedle

“It was definitely really daunting at first. Everyone there is so good and I was kind of like lost at first, but now I’m really comfortable because I kind of got the vibe… I’m used to it now.”

Jason notes that he doesn’t get discouraged very often, “I think that only happened like once to me. That just doesn’t happen because I’m so happy the whole time that I’m getting to play guitar.” Leedle said.

Though Leedle isn’t certain whether playing the guitar will be a proponent in his future career, he has determined that what he learned throughout this process extends beyond the boundary of simply learning to play and is applicable to life.  

“It’s definitely taught me that if you find something that you love, it’s way easier to just put in the work. I’ve put hours and hours and hours into guitar, but I’m not sick of it.”

Leedle finds inspiration in other famous guitarists, most notably, Jimmy Page of the band Led Zeppelin.

“He’s such a crazy good guitar player, that’s who I want to be like.”

Jason’s advice to others just discovering their passions is to “find something you love and then do that.”