The Cedar Post staff remembers the good, bad and ugly of the last year


CP Staff


It was the best movie I watched because the animation and soundtrack were incredible.

– Lily Waldrup

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

This lesser-known movie is one of the only movies of 2017 to make me laugh. Enough said.

– Sam Diercks

Baby Driver

The movie was the best because of its great story with amazing synchronized action and music.

– Josh Wells

Star Wars

This is superior to every other 2017 movie because who doesn’t enjoy a good light-saber fight.

– Corinne Capodagli

What Happened to Monday

This movie has an intriguing story line with great acting that makes an amazing movie.

– Freddy Libby

Wonder Woman

I hardly watched movies, but I would say that Wonder Woman totally lived up to its expectations.

– Emerson Kanning

Beauty and the Beast

It’s the best movie of 2017 because is it beautiful to look at.

– Sarah Brown

Definitely Beauty and the Beast because of Emma Watson and the amazing song remakes.

– Addi House


This was a fantastic movie that exceeded my expectations.

– Saydee Brass