Two siblings compete in a triad of sports


Something most high schoolers would never even imagine trying is what the Matlosz siblings do for their hobby. They have been competing in triathlons for about two years, at three to four times a year and place well amongst their age groups.

“August was my last race…but it wasn’t my best race. I did much better last year and got second in my age group,” Kate Matlosz, a junior, said.

Kate’s brother, freshman Conner competes alongside her in these races, “he normally does really well and in that same August race, Conner got first in his age group,” she said.

A triathlon is a three part race, and at the Olympic level, racers start with a one mile swim, then they transition to a twenty-five mile bike ride, and finish off the race with a six mile run. Although it sounds impossible to most students, Kate’s favorite part is exactly that: “I love it, you get to do three different sports in one race.”

The training for an event like this consists of daily runs and bike rides, but something special about each sibling is that they are part of a high school sport to assist in their training. Conner is a part of the cross country team to get his running training in and Kate is a part of the swim team to get her training in the water.

Kate and Conner compete together as siblings to support each other and get their family’s support, making it an enjoyable hobby they get to look forward to throughout the year.

The Matloszs race at courses in Priest Lake and Coeur d’Alene. Kate plans on continuing to race in college at the NCAA level along with Conner through the rest of his high school career.

KateSarah Wells