Here are some movies you should watch since it’s Prom weekend


Shea Kilpatrick and Tara Rawlings

As fourth quarter rolls around, attention turns to our final big occasions, most importantly, prom. Here’s the perfect list of films to get excited for the senior dance on Saturday, April 27.

With a great variety of humor, drama, and tears, you’ll surely be ready for the long awaited day of fun filled events.

10 Things I Hate About You

This cult classic is the perfect movie to watch to hype yourself up for prom. It’s a tale of bratty sisters, attractive new students, and the formation of a cheesy love which includes some good old fashioned wooing. Watching this can just make your heart feel light and bring forth your own desires for a cute high school romance.


This risque comedy about a chaotic quest of overprotective parents addresses the realities of the life of a high school students with especially involved parental figures. Be ready for laughter and a relaxed night of fun that’ll show you the importance of having the best night possible.

Teen Spirit

This movie is the classic change of heart film where the mean girl tries to help an unpopular girl at school win prom queen. The twist is that the mean girl happens to be a ghost which puts a new spin on the topic while still maintaining that teen prom feel. It’s a great movie to watch

If you’re in the mood for an unconventional approach to a classic topic and will leave you excited for what might go down for your own prom royalty.


In this prom comedy, it’s all about the struggle of popularity and one does in order to get it. In this case, all the future prom queens are looking for a gay best friend and when one appears, he becomes the most sought after boy in school. This is a great movie to watch if you’re looking for an over the top comedy and a night of laughter.


This optimistic, drama filled film by Disney will bring you back to the days when Disney channel played music videos and tried to relate to a vast audience. It’s a classic throwback film to watch just before prom to get not just the Disney take on prom, but also to just reminiscence on your younger self’s prom dreams.