What should you do in an interview?

Tara Rawlings, Copy Editor

Interviews can really help potential employers or admissions officers on getting to know one’s character better and seeing that the applicant has depth to them beyond their application. If you’re not sure how to go about your  interview, here’s some do’s and don’ts so that you can focus on putting forth your best self.


Do – Be yourself!

Interviewers want to meet the real you and discover someone with depth rather than just another college statistic. Interviewers are looking for a well rounded individual who has their own hobbies and interests beyond the realm of school.


Don’t – Dress for comfort

You’d dress for the job you want, so dress for success and even if it’s a skype interview, completely dress up rather than just from the waist up as anything could happen.


Do –  Have a list of questions prepared

Don’t be afraid to take a list of questions to the interview as it shows that you were prepared and  interested. By asking a wide range of questions, you can get a feel for the job and if you can really see yourself working there.


Don’t – Bring your cell phone or anything distracting

If you bring your phone, make sure it’s off or on do not disturb as it could provide a distraction during the interview. It’s better to stay in the present instead of having to worry about your phone going off during the interview; that way, your best self can be presented without worry.


Do –  Arrive early

To arrive on time is to be late. It’s best to get to the meeting place or set up early so you have a few minutes to prepare and fully ready yourself for the interview.  It can also show that you’re excited and aren’t afraid to try different things.


Don’t- Count on the interview being a certain amount of time

Interviews can range from anywhere between 25 to 90 minutes. The amount of time doesn’t essentially tell you if you aced it or not though as that really depends on the vibe rather than the amount of time you spent  talking. All you can do is present yourself in the best light and hope for the best.


Do – Expect the unexpected

Expect for anything to happen during your interview such as for your interviewer to ask you an out of the blue question or for the traffic to be bad. It helps to prepare ahead so as to ensure you feel confident in every situation that might occur.


Don’t – Assume what you’re going to be asked

Interviewers can spring all sorts of questions with a wide range of topics so expect anything to be thrown at you. Just because you think they’re going to ask one thing, doesn’t mean that they’re going to for sure ask you that and it’s best to be prepared but still expect to think on your feet.


Do –  Stay Calm

Stay calm and don’t worry because in the end, things are going to work out. There’s no need to stress over whether or not, the wrong thing was said. Everyone gets nervous and it’s not going to be held against you so just act like it’s a normal conversation with a peer or a family friend.


Don’t – Ramble on and on

Don’t ramble, keep your answers honest and to the point, the interviewers are there to learn about you, not about your long story on the time you fell in a puddle and ruined your new white shoes.  Keep the flow of the conversation light and balanced rather than rambling about one thing that wasn’t of any consequence.