Teachers of Sandpoint High School gathered in room E7 for an after school baby shower

Bekah Nelson, Web Staff

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Just after the school is getting quiet and things seem to be slowing down for many, teachers things are just getting started. Thursday, January 31st, the teachers of SHS gathered for Mrs. Penick’s baby shower.

Most often the body of SHS focuses on the things that students are doing inside and outside of school, but behind the scenes are the teachers who make our daily lives happen here at school, and they sometimes have the best experiences outside of their school lives.

Between the teachers who could attend, there were decorative wood rounds brought in, adorable centerpieces and more tasty treats than you could imagine filling room E7. It’s not only the team aspect of our students that makes our beloved Sandpoint High School what it is, it’s the community of the whole school and that found within our staff.

Knowing our teachers helps make not only their days better, but it makes the student life better, these teachers dedicate their lives to teaching the young adults at this school. Mrs. Penick is a superhero to many of her students, and will continue inspire many more.

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