SHS students say goodbye to a typical No School November.

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Shea Kilpatrick, Lifestyles Editor

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No school November─ a slogan than rings like music to the ears. However, as some may have heard, this saying no longer applies in the Lake Pend Oreille School District. Recent changes have been implemented, ultimately making November a month with more consistent school weeks.

While many may think this change was made by the Sandpoint High School Administrators, the decision had many factors, and ultimately stemmed from school district officials.

“The school district has a calendar committee, and there’s representatives from each building in the school district,” SHS Administrator Derek Dickinson said. “They then push it out through the Lake Pend Oreille Education Association members and basically decide whether or not they want to agree to those changes.”

This new schedule more efficiently groups together parent-teacher conferences and Thanksgiving break, providing for more uniformity in days off.

“The idea that you can lessen some of the disruption and maybe have more full instructional weeks,” Dickinson said. “Having those short weeks changes the flow a little bit.”

The new system has brought controversy to Sandpoint High School because some are having trouble adjusting to the change. On the other hand, students who typically travel for the Thanksgiving Holiday are overjoyed to get an extended vacation with minimal makeup work.

“I’m really glad they’re lengthening Thanksgiving break because I’m excited to have a longer period of time to travel,” said senior Izzy England.

Those on the other side of the spectrum are dreading the three full weeks of school that are headed for them in November.

“When I found out about it, I was a little disappointed because having a bunch of spread out days off was definitely more helpful to me, and I think a lot of my friends would agree,” said junior Emma McIntire.

The biggest worry for administrators and SHS staff is the fluidity for parent teacher conferences.

“I’m kind of wondering how conferences are going to go, to be honest with you,” Dickinson said. “Is there going to be a good turn out for the the conferences on the Monday and Tuesday right before Thanksgiving, or are people going to be gone for trips, or to grandma’s house or whatever.”

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