The Cedar Post staff remembers the good, bad and ugly of the last year


CP Staff

Baby Driver

Baby Driver was the most overrated movie because the outcome was rather underwhelming and ambiguous.

– Lily Waldrup


IT disappointed me to my core; I was expecting such a scary film, and got anything but.

– Sam Diercks

Despite the hype surrounding IT, the movie was too long with absolutely no suspense.

– Saydee Brass

Get Out

Get Out was the most overrated because it did not meet the expectations set by the trailers.

– Josh Wells

Get Out was overrated because it had a cool message and plot, but the delivery was poor.

– Sarah Brown

Spider-man Homecoming

No offense to Peter Parker, but Spider-man Homecoming fell short of all my expectations.

– Corinne Capodagli

The Mummy

Despite casting renowned actors, The Mummy had a horrible story line that killed the movie for me.

– Freddy Libby

Beauty and the Beast

I think Beauty and the Beast was only so well received because Emma Watson made an appearance.

– Emerson Kanning


One may enjoy a shirtless Zac Efron, however the lack of a plot line makes Baywatch unnecessary.

– Addi House


This movie was too weird to fully enjoy, even though the message was good.

– Sarah Donnelly