Junior Ellie McCray practices the art of aerial silks

Kelly Curtis, Web Editor

Not many people do aerial silks and fewer still know what it is. Aerial Silks is where one or more people perform aerial acrobatics while suspended by silk fabric. Junior Ellie McCray has practiced aerial silks on and off since the eighth grade.

Having previously been a gymnast, the skill required for aerial silks intrigued her, which is what inspired her to start. Her favorite part is how rewarding learning a new trick is, but the hardest part is how much arm strength is needed to master and practice each trick.

You start by doing a basic climb, Russian climb, or other various climbs by wrapping the silks around your feet and pulling yourself up with your arms. After you get as high as you need you’ll transfer into which ever trick you may be starting,” McCray said.

McCray currently trains by herself and with her coaches at S.T.E.P Training Center, the local gymnastics arena.

My hardest and favorite trick that I’m working on accomplishing is called a “fallen angel,” McCray said.

McCray continues to to practice and hopes to potentially perform one day.