Ultimate Frisbee Takes Off

A group of SHS students start a frisbee club called the Sandpoint Scorpions.


Ultimate frisbee is a team-based sport with the objective of moving a frisbee disc down the field to the endzone. The catch is you can’t move or run with the frisbee; you have to pass it to one of your six teammates. “Some say ultimate frisbee is more like soccer, some people say it’s more like basketball, but I would consider it the greatest sport ever played” says Sandpoint Scorpion team member John Keegan. 

The Sandpoint Scorpion Ultimate Frisbee Club is a new addition at Sandpoint High School and is coached by Mr. Miles. They practice every Friday at 2pm at Memorial Field with their team of 15 members. The Sandpoint Scorpion club originated from playing frisbee during lunch earlier this school year. Team members Kylan Blazer, and John Keegan had AP statistics together and their friend Hayden Norling was just down the hall in English during lunch. The three would sacrifice their fifteen minutes of lunch to play a friendly game of ultimate frisbee instead. 

From there, additional team members joined such as Aidan Smith and Jake Oliver. Unfortunately the lunch period was cancelled, causing them to make it official. Norling was at the gym one day when he was confronted with the proposition. “Somebody was like hey you should start an actual club and I thought that was a good idea” (Norling). Norling brought the thought back to his frisbee friends, and from there they created the Sandpoint Scorpions.

Being just a club and not an actual sport associated with Sandpoint High School, the club had no intention of taking the Bulldog name. “We thought we didn’t have to be the bulldogs so why be the bulldogs?” said Norling when asked about the name. Plus the club members liked the alliteration of Sandpoint Scorpions and found the tail of a scorpion was the perfect place to incorporate Lake Pend Oreille in their logo. 

The team loves the athletic and team based aspect ultimate frisbee brings. As well as the fact that it’s a different sport to try for kids who aren’t involved with the traditional sports Sandpoint High School has to offer. “I like learning new things and frisbee isn’t really something I’ve done before,” says Smith. As of right now the Scorpions compete in friendly matches against each other, but are looking forward to a state frisbee tournament in May. 

The club welcomes any new members that are interested, and who like to have fun. Anyone can join or learn the team sport easily and it is a perfect way to make new friends and enjoy a competitive sport!