Spring Sports Preview

Coaches explain their goals and how Covid will affect their team in the upcoming season.


Dillon Terry

No athlete ever thinks about losing their entire season, it usually just happens to a handful of individuals who have to recover from injuries. However, athletes all over the country that competed in spring sports last year lost their season. It was a devastating end to a season that had barely begun for all those who were involved in sports, especially seniors. Now that the spring season is approaching, athletes and coaches are hungry to jump back into their sports.


Although the baseball team didn’t have a real season last Spring, head coach Chase Tigert is very confident in his team. “We have a special group of kids and they’re hungry. I’m confident we will make up the difference quickly,” Tigert said.

Although every sport has their restrictions due to COVID, baseball is a sport where no matter what players are very rarely closer than 6 feet and there is little to no contact with others. When asked about if he believes that COVID will affect their upcoming season Tigert said “I can’t imagine having any issues with our season after other sports have been given the green light.”

Last year the program completely rebranded itself. Since the team was unable to wear the new gear they received last year, they will break out their new uniforms on the new turf field at Memorial. 


The softball team had lots of new players added to their varsity line-up. This year’s goal for head coach Elizabeth Hawkins-Williams is to rebuild and figure out what the team identity is. 

“I think we will be affected the same way the winter programs are currently being affected by COVID – cancelled games, postponements, changing game schedule, etc.” Hawkins said, “However, anyone that has been around spring sports in our community knows that is how our season goes anyway due to the weather.” 

Although the team still needs to figure out who they are and what they will become Hawkins is excited for the upcoming season.


Track contains a variety of different athletes competing for themselves as well as for their team. This means that there are multiple different coaches for the different events. This year all the coaches for the team have one simple goal in mind, and it is to have a full season.  

“We met for the month of March and had no meets before the season was canceled last year.  Some of the athletes continued to practice and meet in small groups once it was allowed.” Head coach Matt Brass explained. Even though the athletes had their season cancelled last spring, Sandpoint High School was still able to hold a meet in June for those who wanted to compete. 

Brass knows that his athletes are really going to have to really work hard and struggle to get back to where they were last year. 

Along with this coaches have their own goals for their athletes too. Sprints and relay coach Tom Keener says that one of his goals every year is to help every athlete he coaches to be the best they can be on and off the track. 

“In order to maximize our individual God given potential takes tremendous initiative, dedication, practice and persistence on the part of the athlete.  As coach, my goal is to the best of my ability, help instill and develop those traits in each and every athlete.” said Keener.  The coaching staff for the track team are all very excited for the upcoming season even, and the bulldogs being able to compete again. On top of everything, the coaches and players all know that the season can end in an instance.