15 Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween

Here are the best movies to keep you on the edge of your seat this halloween


1. Us (R)

This movie was written and directed by Jordan Peele. Inside this horror story lives a family who goes on a vacation. The mother, with a haunting childhood story, believes something is awry. The mother’s fears soon come to fruition and a family, seemingly identical to hers, plunge into the house. With a plot twist at the end, this film will surely leave you checking under your bed before you go to sleep. 


2. Psycho (R)

An American classic, this movie is about a woman who is on the run after stealing a load of cash. She winds up at a motel in the middle of nowhere and meets the bellhop. In this deranged classic, the family that owns the hotel is not who they seem to be and fate may eventually meet up with the run-away thief. 


3. It (original) (R)

If you are not afraid of clowns and you want to keep it that way, you may want to think twice about watching this movie. When a horrifying clown wreaks havoc on a town, a group of young kids teams up to try and defeat him. 30 years later the clown comes back and the group of kids, now adults, have to face him again. Based on the book written by Stephen King, coulrophobic or not, this movie will give you nightmares.


4. The Blair Witch Project (R)

When a group of film students hear about the Blair Witch legend, they travel to a small town and interview many of the townspeople. But when the students finally head into the forest, their trip turns dramatically south. Getting lost in the woods the students have to face an eerie setting and have to escape the Blair Witch. After watching this movie, getting lost in the woods will be one of your greatest fears. 


5. Scream (R)

A masked maniac is on the loose stalking high-school students armed with a knife and a demented mind. This modern classic horror film is clever, funny, and frightening to satisfy everything you are looking for in a horror movie. This movie will leave everyone who watches it checking your shoulder to make sure no one is watching. 


6. Nightmare on Elm Street (R)

In this horror/mystery thriller, a midnight killer is lurking about looking for his next victim. Freddy Krueger preys on people inside their dreams. Although it all might seem like a dream, you will come to realize it is a complete reality. Watching this movie may keep you up way past your bedtime and never want to dream again. 


7. The Conjuring (R)

In this horror/thriller movie, two paranormal investigators are called to a secluded farmhouse that a family of seven recently moved into. The investigators first think that there is nothing awry, but soon find out that there surely is a paranormal presence. Eventually, the history of the house is found and the family battles to defeat the spirit. Watching this film will make you wonder what the creaking sound at 2 in the morning is. 


8. The Shining (R)

In this horror/mystery classic a family looks after an isolated hotel during the offseason. All is well but it almost seems like the hotel is changing the father. Eventually, the father goes on a homicidal spree terrorizing his own family. You may want to avoid your father for a few hours after watching this movie in case he gets any ideas. 


9. Ouija (PG-13)

When her best friend dies, the protagonist finds an antique ouija board and tries to contact her lost friend. Instead, she comes into contact with another spirit. She asks her friends to help investigate who this spirit is and what it wants. As the investigation goes on the group finds out that the death of their friend may not have been what it seems and that their lives may be at risk. You will never want to touch an ouija board after watching this. 


10. Parasite (R)

This thriller/comedy was the first non-English-language film to win best picture. The plotline begins with a low-class family that lives in Korea and wriggles their way into working for a high-class family. They teach, chauffeur, and take care of the house while the family is away. When the family goes on a trip the family realizes there was an unknown guest in the house the whole time. This mind-bending movie will impress you and creep you out at the same time. 


11. Silence of the Lambs (R)

Dr. Hannibal Lector, a psychiatrist and also a violent psychopath who is serving life in prison for murder and cannibalism, is interviewed by a young FBI trainee. The hope is that Lector will be able to help in a case the trainee is involved in and she is just the person that will be able to draw him out. This thriller/horror movie will bring a new meaning to the word psychopath and will make you never want to visit a psychiatric hospital.


12. Pet Sematary (1989) (R)

A doctor moves his family to rural Maine to start a new life. He meets a friendly neighbor who advises the doctor to bury his recently dead cat in the pet cematary. The cat returns to life, but its personality has become harsh and evil. When the son of the doctor is killed they decide to bury him in the pet sematary despite the neighbor’s advice. This horror/thriller movie will make you realize that some things are better left how they are then trying to keep them alive. 


13. Friday the 13th (R) 

The history of murders around this small lake does not make the leaders of a summer camp think twice about setting up in a secluded area. Many local citizens warn against doing so but the young counselors pay no attention to the oldies. When they find themselves being stalked by a brutal killer, they soon realize it was not such a good idea. Watching this horror/slasher film will bring you to your wit’s end and make you wish you had eyes on the back of your head. 


14. The Evil Dead (1981) (NC-17)

Ash Williams, his girlfriend, and a few other friends all venture to a cabin deep in the woods. There they find an old book that wakes the dead when read aloud. The friends accidentally release demonic creatures and spirits that they have to fight to stay alive. As Ash’s friends become possessed, he must make a decision– to kill or be killed. This horror/fantasy film teaches us all not to read the fancy language written in the old book. 


15. The Exorcist (R)

This film was banned because it provoked fainting, vomiting, and even heart attacks in the theater because it was so scary; however, it is available to watch again. This film involves the demonic possession of a young girl. The mother tries to rescue her by attempting an exorcism. This horror/supernatural flick will hopefully not make you faint, vomit, or have a heart attack, but will leave you on the edge of your seat for 2 hours.