Bri Brosnahan


Corinne Capodagli

Bri Brosnahan is a senior who also participates in band.

Corinne Capodagli, Editor-in-Chief

SHS Senior, Bri Brosnahan, has been a member of Band for all four years of high school, playing instruments since fifth grade. Read below to find out more about Bri, how many instruments she plays, and the inspiration behind her involvement in the Sandpoint High School.

What instrument do you play?

“I play trumpet in band and guitar and ukulele outside of band.”

Why did you choose these instruments?

“In fifth grade, my Dad had a trumpet, so I walked to him and said ‘I’m taking your trumpet to be in band,’ and he was like ‘excuse me,’ and then I was in band.”

“For the guitar, we were at a family friend’s house and he was like ‘hey, do you want your kid to have a guitar?’ and my dad was like ‘absolutely not’ but he put it in our trunk. Then, I bought a ukulele.”

Why did you join band at the high school level?

“By the time I’d gotten out of eighth grade, I really loved band and Mr. Gordon showed up with his bass trombone and started telling us how we were going to go on all these cool trips, so I just wanted to do that.”

Tell me something unique about yourself.

“I spend way too much time playing instruments and I spend way too much money buying instruments.”