Your personal list of this year’s must see movies

Shea Kilpatrick and Tara Rawlings


In this live action revisioning of a childhood classic, the story of Dumbo is seen in a new light. Within a struggling circus, Dumbo is seen as the laughing stock with his too big ears and is placed under the care of a former circus star and his children.  The circus makes an amazing comeback when it’s learned that Dumbo can fly but there’s dark secrets to be found.


Captain Marvel

A new marvel hero hits the screens in an action packed movie, presenting a new female icon for young girls everywhere. On a search for her forgotten past, Captain Marvel finds herself caught up in an intergalactic war, fighting to save the world while discovering who she really is.


Happy Death Day 2U

If you’re a fan of the first Happy Death Day, then you’re going to love the sequel.  Stuck in a time loop, college student Tree Gelbman must die over and over again to save her friends from a psychotic masked killer. It follows in suit of the initial film, but with even more action and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat


Toy Story 4

The long awaited third Toy Story sequel finally hits the screens, perfectly fitting for those of us here at Sandpoint High School, Andy is about to head to college. The toys are headed for the curb, and an adventure for survival awaits.


How To Train Your Dragon 3

In this mystical adventure film, hope and humor drives the fight with the sudden appearance of the darkest threat their village has ever faced. Hiccup and Toothless must leave the only home they’ve ever known and begin their journey to a hidden world, with the hope to save those they love.


Avengers: Endgame

This emotional trailer shows the dwindling number of Avengers, forced to push limits in order to survive. Tony Stark, with a dwindling oxygen supply, sends a message to the remaining Avengers on Earth who must figure out how to revive their allies. All in the hope to win a confrontation with Thanos, an evil demigod.