The Cedar Post Staff takes a look at some of the best trends to have surfaced in 2018


Cedar Post Staff

Turtle Necks

Turtle Necks came back in style this Holiday season, offering warmth and proving to be the pinnacle of high fashion.

-Corinne Capodagli


Rap Music

The best trend of 2018 would probably be rap music because these days all I hear is rap, even on the radio, and it’s starting to get down to the younger kids who have begun to listen to rap now.

-Julian Reichold



Corduroy came back into style this year with a variety of skirts and pants. Also, it’s one trend that looks great, unlike mullets.

-Tara Rawlings


90’s Styles

90’s style is coming back, I love the boyfriend jeans look and comfy baggy sweatshirts.

-Bekah Nelson


Country Roads

This song was popular in the the early 70s and it’s comeback hit social media hard.

-Casey Olesen


Bowling Shoes

I’m such a trend setter and I really think bowling shoes are just getting started and will TAKE OVER in 2019.

-Connor Bird


In My Feelings Trend

Jumping out of your car while it’s still moving to dance shows real commitment to a trend, only the biggest trend followers did this challenge.

-Ben Wikoff


Disney Dresses:

This year, more people have chosen Disney themed dresses for their weddings and prom, which I find to be very elegant, beautiful, and the perfect amount of geeky.

-Jaycee Forrel


Air Force Ones

As basic as it is, Nike Air Force Ones were trending all year, and still haven’t stopped. The famous sneakers are easy for anyone to rock, boy or girl, with many different styles and colors. Although, the classic white seems to be everyone’s go to pick.

-Evelyn Webster


Nike/Off-White “The Ten” shoes

These shoes are absolutely beautiful, and I hope they continue making more.

-Joe Parsley


Checkered Vans

Checkered Vans are seen literally everywhere and people won’t be judged for wearing them with anything even if they don’t match.

-Molly Ballison



Everyone has them.

-Bruin Jones