The Cedar Post staff takes a look back at some of the most overrated events of 2018

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The Mike Smith Assembly

Mike Smith was so hyped up that when it actually came to the assembly, he was interesting yet he seemed to reiterate a lot of what he already said in his Jostens videos.

-Tara Rawlings


Winter Olympics

Did you even remember that at the beginning of 2018 the Winter Olympics took place? That’s what I thought.


NFL players kneeling during the anthem

This is overrated because people were getting so upset about it, but because of this the players were just getting the attention they wanted and making this situation worse than it needed to be in the first place.  

-Bekah Nelson


Mid-term elections

This event got everyone freaking out, but in the end the Federal Government is still going to be the same. It takes forever to get something done and they still argue about everything.

-Casey Olesen


Drake’s album dropping

Literally, I was so excited for this album and it got such much hype and it SUCKED. Like it was so stinkin bad.

-Connor Bird


The Christmas Tree Lighting in Sandpoint

Most years this event is really good but this year there was no snow, it was pouring rain, and Santa was late.

-Ben Wikoff


Royal Wedding

I am happy for these two, and I know they are important, but they are people too, and there wedding, in my opinion, is not more important than anyone else’s, and neither are there lives.

-Jaycee Forrel


Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy

The pregnancy of Kylie Jenner was one of the most overrated events of 2018. She kept it a secret until the birth of her child, although, the whole word was raving about her being pregnant for 9 months, until she actually came out to the public and admitted it. Kylie Jenner simply made it too big of a deal.

-Evelyn Webster  


Trump Rally

The Trump Rallies before Mid-terms were overrated because they didn’t help him at all.

-Bruin Jones

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