The Cedar Post staff compiles the biggest events to have occured in 2018

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The X Games

The best event would be the X Games because it has all the winter sports and I like seeing the snow mobiles that do the freestyle jumps and flips, as well as the freestyle skiing.

-Julian Reichold


2018 Fifa World Cup

The 2018 Fifa World Cup took place in Russia this year, with France coming out on top. The France and Croatia National teams battled in the final until France came out on top with a score of (4-2).

-Cade Vernon


The Campfire : California Forest Fire

This was utterly devastating for thousands in California as hundreds of homes were lost and entire cities were burned down. It was one of the most tragic events of the year with a widespread effect.

-Tara Rawlings


Midterm Elections

With Donald Trump as our U.S. President, the House of Representatives flipped and the Democratic party won the majority. Now, the future holds more tension between Donald Trump and the now more powerful Democratic party.

-Casey Olesen



The Florida school shooting on February 14, 2018 was a major event that raised awareness for gun control and sparked many school walkouts.

-Molly Ballison


Lebron James Lakers Move

Lebron went to the Lakers, which was a huge move in the NBA and turned the Lakers season around.

-Bruin Jones

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