The Cedar Post compiles the best television series and seasons of 2018

Cedar Post Staff


Season 2 of Ozark made its debut on Netflix this year and this enthralling show captured my attention every episode, leaving me guessing until the very end.

-Corine Capodagli


On the House

The most impeccable Cedar post production the people have seen to date.

-Shea Kilpatrick


Orange is the New Black

The best show of 2018 would definitely be Orange is the New Black because I found it on Netflix and it is a really funny show based on girls in prison that fight and always argue and it’s hilarious.

-Julian Reichold


Meat Eater

This show is about hunting and the successes and failures that come with it. Meat Eater is a show that  has come to light in 2018 and has a 7.9/10 rating on IMDb.

-Cade Vernon


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show was another reboot to come out this year with a new spin on a past love. It brings forward the past and made it exciting, yet relatable for a younger audience.

-Tara Rawlings


The Good Place

Season 2 released in 2018 of “The Good Place.” I love this show and this season because of the continuation of the story without predictability.

-Bekah Nelson



This show literally is my life. I love how brutally honest it is with it’s characters and their crazy lives.

-Casey Olesen


This Is Us

It’s a heartwarming show that you can’t help but binge.

-Maren Andrick


Season 49 of Sesame Street

It’s amazing that Sesame Street has been relevant for 49 seasons now and they’re still going strong, they get respect for that.

-Ben Wikoff


Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live continuously brings joy through their comedic geniuses and continues to do so during what feels like dark times to me.

-Jaycee Forell


Money Heist

The Netflix original was an amazing two season series that was thrilling and interesting to say the least.




Riverdale has become a favorite show as viewers await each exciting, plot twist filled episode with eagerness.

-Molly Ballison