The Cedar Post staff compiles the best music of the year

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This song by King Princess is a great pop melody, a perfect sing along for you and your friends.

-Shea Kilpatrick



The best music of 2018 is SOB X RBE because they are the most underlooked rap group in the game right now and have better lyrics and albums then migos by far, and migos are one of the hottest rap groups right now.

-Julian Reichold


Fathers Day, Gucci Mane

This song appeared on Gucci Mane’s newest Album (Evil Genius) which released on December 7th and included twelve songs.

-Cade Vernon


Feel it Still, Portugal. The Man

This song was on the radio for weeks and it was pretty much playing in everyone’s cars as Portugal.The Man typically produces good, catchy music.

-Tara Rawlings


Thank u, next, Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s career really took flight this year. Not only did she release a whole new album, but she came out with this amazing bop.

-Corinne Capodagli


Meek Mill

Meek Mill’s album includes only bangers with the best artists in the game.

-Riley Walkington


Girls Like You, Maroon 5

This song is amazing because of the message behind it.

-Bekah Nelson


Country Roads, John Denver

This song made its comeback this year and was overplayed throughout the summer.

-Casey Olesen


Astroworld, Travis Scott

This long awaited album exceeded all my expectations, being able to shuffle the album and love any song that comes up is something that rarely happens.

-Maren Andrick


Sicko Mode, Travis Scott

I love Travis Scott and this song capped off his really good album, Astroworld.

-Connor Bird


Broken, lovelytheband

Broken is a pretty mellow pop song, good for relaxing without listening to regular hyped up pop.

-Ben Wikoff


Trench album by Twenty One Pilots

For over a year I have waited for this album, and when it finally arrived it met my expectations and more. The complexity of meaning throughout the album, I am finding joy just analyzing the lyrics.

-Jaycee Forell


Goodbye and Good Riddance, Juice Wrld

Juice Wrld’s whole album “Goodbye & Good Riddance” that dropped in 2018 had nothing but slaps. From ‘Lucid Dreams’ to ‘All Girls Are the Same,’ Juice Wrld did the world a favor and brought us an amazing album with amazing songs.

-Evelyn Webster


In This House (feat. Gucci Mane), Lil Wayne

It has a great beat, chorus, and the lyrics are very catchy.

-Joe Parsley


SAD!, XXXTentacion

SAD! by XXXTentacion was a well liked song in 2018 and became even more loved with the passing of XXXTentacion.

-Molly Ballison


Cater Five, Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s the goat plain and simple.

-Bruin Jones

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