Rebekah Nelson, Web Staff

Though there are some things better left unsaid, but being in the know with some of the Sandpoint High culture is key for high school success. After the first year of being a freshman here, you learn a lot about being a true Sandpoint Bulldog; you learn the everyday common bulldog knowledge. Without learning these secret rules you’re often left with things like the last parking spot at the seemingly furthest place away from the school, a broken chromebook, and even a boring winter break. There’s an assortment of assumed or unwritten rules that only a true Sandpoint High School Bulldog would know.


Get to the school early in the morning just to get a good parking spot, Nothing More.

In the morning, everyone knows there’s close to nothing to do at the high school unless you have to show up for access. The real SHS thing to do in the morning is to get a good parking spot because every student and staff member knows the struggles of the SHS parking lot.


Casual/Red Fridays

Though it’s never actually been stated or spread around the school, Fridays are honorary school pride/casual days, and it’s more of a norm to see teachers roaming the hallways dressed in t-shirts, sandals, and jeans.


If you need a favor from Arlene, chocolate is the currency

There are a lot of things that students and staff at SHS ask our lovely ladies in the office to do, many of which aren’t even included with the job description. As the year goes on, these tasks seem less and less pressing to do. So to help ensure your chances with getting help from the all knowing Arlene, chocolate is her payment of choice. Preferably dark chocolate.


You’re not a real AP student until you’ve been in a class group chat

New students at the high school, English classes especially, quickly figure out that if your class period hasn’t created a group chat to help remind about the homework, and find answers to the many questions AP students face, you haven’t really experienced a SHS AP course.


Norma Holt is the real mastermind at the school

If your chromebook is broken, you need to sign up for an IDLA classes, or you need a summer reading book, Norma is the lady you’re looking for. She is the most important person at SHS to keep on your good side.


Hallways work like roads

Every student at SHS knows the struggles of walking the hallways for the first month of school. Every year, the upperclassmen have to educate the new freshmen on how to walk in the hallways, and that it works just like driving a car down the road. Stay on the right side of the hall, don’t just cut in front of people, intersections require awareness and great timing. Not following these simple rules can cause you to get side swept or flat tired.


The first major snow day is the honorary ‘Schweitzer Skip Day’

The town of Sandpoint is a big ski town and snow is a big deal. The first real snow fall warrants easily more than half of the SHS population, students and staff members alike, taking a “sick day” to head up on the slopes and enjoy the fresh powder.


If Mrs. Miller is the substitute, your class is perfect

The number one SHS unwritten rule is that when your class has a substitute for the day, and that substitute ends up being Mrs. Miller, your class acts on their best behavior. Mrs. Miller is the treasure of Sandpoint. Most students love having a substitute because it means an easy day, but having Mrs. Miller for the class period, means having a party in that class because she is the best.