7 of the Scariest Mythical Monsters

Want to be spooked leading up to Halloween? Here are some of the most terrifying mythical monsters originating from several countries. These creatures are so scary that once you hear their stories it’s guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. 


Wendigo (Origin: Northern Minnesota)

The wendigo began in Native American legends. According to legend, the creature is an evil spirit that is 15 feet tall and has some human characteristics. It is said to be a shapeshifter that possesses human beings making them become monstrous and commit atrocities such as murder, greed, and even cannibalism.


The Banshee (Origin: Ireland)

This monster comes from Irish folklore and is seen as a sign that someone in your family will soon perish. She tells you this usually in the form of wailing or shrieking. Her name from the old Irish ben side means woman of the fairy mound or fairy woman. You can recognize her from her long streaming hair. She usually wears a long dress and has red eyes from crying so much.


The Inkanyamba (Origin: Africa)

The Inkanyamba is a legendary winged/eel-like serpent said to be living in a waterfall in the Pietermaritzburg forest. The Zulu tribes believe that if this serpent gets angry it can cause seasonal storms.


The Ammit (Origin: Egypt)

This creature is a goddess that has a body type that looks like the combination of a hippo, lion, and crocodile. She is legendary for eating the impure hearts and souls of the dead which condemns them to purgatory where they shall die again and wander directionless for eternity. She is said to sit next to the lake of fire where she casts the impure souls into the lake of fire. The scholars have said Ammit and the lake of fire represent the concept of destruction. 


Teke Teke (Origin: Japan)

Teke teke is the vengeful spirit who was cut in half by a train. She drags her torso using her elbows making a scratching sound–“teke teke”. If she finds a victim she will chase after them and slice them in half mimicking her own disfigurement. She is commonly found in urban areas or places with trains nearby.


Chupacabra (Origin: Puerto Rico)

The legend of the Chupacabra, meaning goat-sucker in Spanish, originated in the 1990s when farmers found their chickens and goats dead. The Puerto Rican farmers noticed that their animals had died with their blood completely drained. The folklore spread throughout Mexico and the US. Some say that the monster looks like a lizard-like creature with huge fangs. 


Manananggal (Origin: Philippines)

This creepy creature hails from Philippine folk-lore and tells the story of a vampire-like creature that can detach its torso from itself. It is said that it grows bat-like wings at night and mostly feeds off of the blood from sleeping people and pregnant women. It’s said that the monster can suck the hearts of fetuses with its long tongue.