The guide to curing your boredom during the COVID-19 quarantine break


Olivia Lynch

Study for the SAT, read a book, or create artwork during the break.

Olivia Lynch, Copy Editor

The coronavirus. School and sport cancellations. Self quarantine. You’ve heard it all. What you haven’t heard are the ways to keep yourself occupied during these long weeks of school cancellations. Now is a perfect time to do those things you’ve been putting off for ages. It’s also a perfect time to get some rest from all of the craziness in our world. We all deserve a break!

Remember that these are all suggestions, so use your imagination. You can either use these weeks to your advantage or waste them. 

Get off your phone and away from the news. The outdoors are always there. Books are always there. You can do so much without technology. 

Learn something new from YouTube. Learn a new language for free. Learn the science behind taste or how doorknobs are made. Learn how to do a TikTok dance or a workout routine. The options are literally endless; everything is at your fingertips. 

Create something. Whether you’re painting something on a wall (with your parents permission), building a ski jump in your yard, or tie dying a shirt, give your brain some input. 

Go outside. This is the most obvious way to spend your time in a healthy way. You’re not surrounded by people and you’re strengthening your immune system at the same time! It’s a win win. You could go on a bike ride, go on a hike, take your dogs for a walk, etc. 

Start a journal. We’re currently making history. If you journal your experiences during this time period, you’re literally creating something that could be used in history classes in the future. 

Deep clean. Go through your belongings and assess what you really need and what you really don’t. This break is a perfect time to do this. 

Study for the SAT. Juniors, this one is for you. The SAT is scheduled for next month. The state has moved the test from April 14 to April 28 (for now), but it is never too early to start studying for a test that can have a serious impact on your future!

Move around your room. With so much time on your hands, this option is perfect to spice up your surroundings. 

Cook a new meal. Your parents are likely extremely stressed about this situation and would most likely really appreciate a meal, even if it’s as simple as pasta. Plus, you’ll have a new recipe under your belt to use later in life. 

Discover new music and make new playlists. Recently, many artists have dropped new music, such as Felly, Lil Uzi Vert, Don Toliver, Grouplove, Anderson .Paak, and more. This is always a great option to take up your time.

Check in on yourself and the people around you. This is a time of absolute uncertainty, which is terrifying. Make sure that you step back and mentally check how you and those around you are doing with the situation. 

Remember that this time period is for quarantine.  For those of us who are healthy enough to fight COVID-19, don’t be ignorant and treat this like a vacation. It’s not summer break. This is a time period in which we heal our society and our health care system, not make it worse by spreading it to those around us.