Here are some tips for Battle for the Paddle this Friday


Hadley Goodvin

These are some of the things you should bring to Battle for the Paddle.

Hadley Goodvin and Abigail Hendricks

Fanny pack

Fanny packs are so helpful during the Battle for the Paddle event. They can be used for holding a phone, chapstick, extra outfit accessories, or anything that will not want to be held. This survival hack is especially beneficial to girls, considering that most outfits worn that night will not include pockets.


All the standing for about 4+ hours will really take a toll on your back, neck, legs and feet. From experience, being in pain during Battle for the Paddle is not only annoying/bothersome, it also takes away from the fun that should be experienced. Ibuprofen or advil can really relieve any uncomfortable pain during the event.    


Money is a HUGE need for Battle for the Paddle. It is not even a question that you will get thirsty or hungry while camping out in the stands. Concessions through the night will be serving snacks and beverages, I would suggest bringing at least 5-10 dollars. Water bottles and food are not allowed past the doors that are not from the concessions.

Theme fitting outfits

This year, the theme was chosen to be Jailbreak. Although everyone is already given a free T-shirt with their ticket, there are lots of other accessories you can use to up your costume game. A bandana for your hair and handcuffs are possibilities, along with orange pants if you want to stray from school colors. 


Picking a place to sit is one of the trickiest parts of the night. Seats are taken quickly, so make sure to be in the gym as early as possible to grab a spot for you and your friends. Sitting near the front will give you an optimal view, but make sure you don’t sit right next to the band unless you like it extra loud.


If you want to go to Battle for the Paddle and noise isn’t your thing, earplugs are the way to go. It will be extremely loud in the gym, especially during the decibel reading contests. Earplugs may come in hand, especially at the end of the night if you’re tired of the noise, but just have to stay until the winner is announced once competitions are over.