Orson Scott Card

In a futuristic world, Earth is at war with an alien species, “the buggers.” The government begins targeting young, brilliant minds to lead the world to victory in the anticipated war. Ender Wiggin has been chosen and is sent to battle school to spend his time fighting for respect after being targeted due to his young age. He has slowly moved up among the ranks and proves to all that he will be the brilliant mind to save mankind. With a twist ending, “Ender’s Game” proves to be a must read.


Jay Asher

“Thirteen Reasons Why” begins when Clay Jensen finds a box sitting on his porch that contains cassette tapes holding recordings of the 13 reasons why his classmate Hannah Baker committed suicide two weeks previously. Clay must listen to the tapes to find out the true motives of Hannah’s suicide and why he is one of them. Through a dual narration of both Hannah and Clay, Asher portrays an intricate story that will captivate all audiences.


Michael Crichton

A group of history and archaeology students are studying the remains of two medieval town of Castelgard and La Roque when they find a startling discovery in the ruins and search to find their mysteriously missing professor. Some of the students fly to New Mexico to track down their professor at ITC a very secretive company linked to mysterious deaths. They find out he is in a lot of trouble and put their lives in danger in attempt to save him even if they have to go back in time to do so.


Malala Yousafzai

In “I Am Malala” the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize describes her life and how her fight for girls education almost cost her life when she was shot in the head from point blank range on October 9, 2012 riding home on the school bus when she was just 15 years old. Travel through Malala’s struggles and triumphs in her autobiography, “I Am Malala.”