Hunting season opens in the fall, providing recreation for SHS students


Photo Courtesy of Ethan Butler

Sophomore Ethan Butler poses with a turkey he shot during the season.

Connor Bird, Radio & Podcast Managing Editor

For many students of Sandpoint High School, fall doesn’t just mean the start of school or football games. It means hunting season. October is the heart of the season, as deer, elk, duck, bear, and more can be hunted during this period. Many students, such as sophomore Ethan Butler, look forward to the start of hunting season year round. 

“I enjoy hunting because I get to go out in the woods, be out all day, and I don’t have to worry about anything else.” said Butler.

Butler, along with other hunters at SHS, are lucky to be living in North Idaho. ranks Idaho the #1 “Best State for DIY Deer Hunting”. Junior Michael Riley falls right in line with this stat, as his favorite type of hunting is deer hunting.

My favorite animal to hunt is the mule deer, and the biggest [whitetail] buck I have ever shot is a 4 by 4,” said Riley. 

While hunting means a meal on the table for some families, it also gives students the satisfaction that they were able to track down the animal and get the kill, while providing them with an opportunity to get out into nature. 

“I hunt so I can go out in the woods and enjoy myself and interact with animals, and not have to do chores around the house,” said Butler. 

Many big game seasons come to a close in a little over a month. Deer season ends in late November-early December, along with elk. Both goose and duck seasons are open until late January, while bear season ends October 31st. 

Hunting also provides memories that will never be forgotten. 

“My favorite memory is when I got my first elk,” said Riley. 

“My favorite memory is going over to central Washington and deer hunting with my family,” said Butler.

For many, the start of fall isn’t just the start of one season. It’s the start of many memories and thrills as hunting season gets into full swing.