Six years of terror, haunted houses and pure fun.

Austin Laiche, Staff Member

Silverwood Theme Park has, for six years, seasonally transformed their grounds into a haunted attraction known as Scarywood.

Mark Robitaille, Communications & Media manager for Silverwood, stated that the owners of the park are “Halloween enthusiasts” and had wanted to extend the season, making Scarywood the perfect fit.

Scarywood has appealed to many throughout the Northwest since 2009, boasting constant growth in attendance. The haunted nights brought in 8 percent more people in 2013 than the years before. This season, the attraction is hoping to see a new record in attendance.

Scarywood looks to improve all aspects of the park with every season. This season, the haunted nights included ten rides, five haunted attractions, and seven “scare zones.”

The work is good [and] it’s a healthy environment… I only work two nights a week [and] I really enjoy it.”

— Kody Bogart | Scarywood Employee

Idaho Business Review reported that in 2010, Scarywood invested about $1 million in fake zombies, rats, makeup, and props. In that same year, about 38,000 people came for the scares. At $25 a ticket, Scarywood raked in about $950,000 in revenue, also according to Idaho Business Review. With each year of growth, the haunted nights seem to have been a proper investment.

Scarywood’s success has benefitted Sandpoint students as well. Junior Kody Bogart worked as a ride attendant two nights a week at the theme park. Bogart worked from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. this season.

“The work is good [and] it’s a healthy environment,” Bogart said “I only work two nights a week [and] I really enjoy it.”

Bogart said during the 2014 season, each night saw roughly 6,000 people. When in the park, people waited 30 – 45 minutes for the main attractions and 20 minutes for smaller attractions.