Dancing Through Culture

Dancing is great for the mind, body, and can teach one cultural significance.


Sarika Saiyara, Lifestyles Editor

What we call dance can be defined as disciplined, fine limb movements expressed through music and rhythm. However, dance is more than just that, it is a form of communication and self-expression.


So why should you express yourself through dance? It develops concentration levels and increases focus through movement. The physical movements in dancing are known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and help our body and mind feel more connected. You can dance to stay in shape or improve the strength of your heart and lungs, and psychological well being, while also becoming more energetic and gaining enormous amounts of strength.


But the benefits of dancing don’t stop here. Dance also builds up self-confidence as dancers learn to embrace their body and feel a sense of success when they dance. It helps to restrain a greater control on your body and master yourself. 


Students interested in dancing can take up their interest by joining the weekly beginner friendly dance class in the art room from 2:50 to 3:20 on Thursday.

Above Sandpoint High School students enjoy the Thursday dance class. (Sarika Saiyara)

The dance classes might help you make new friends with whom you would have never talked to otherwise and improve your mood. So don’t be afraid to earn dance forms from the Indian subcontinent; don’t worry, the classes are all beginner-friendly!