Seniors experience the suspenseful time of awaiting their college acceptance letters


Peyton Mullen

Application has been denied – *insert college or university name here*.

Evelyn Webster, Opinion Editor

Seniors: It is college application and college decision time, and although it is seemingly dreadful and a lot of work, the exhilarating thought of a senior’s post high school adventure is seemingly the main factor driving them to finish off the school year. Attending college is an obvious main choice for students graduating high school, and for a majority of students, like myself, it’s an exciting option.

However, pursuing the college path doesn’t always come with success. Often times, students are denied the opportunity to attend their desired schools due to universities having an average acceptance rate lower than one’s capabilities.

Many students envision themselves at a specific college, although the expectations of actually attending may be unrealistic considering some colleges requirements are unreachable for some applicants.

To simply put it, with college applications could potentially come rejection. For some, the thought of being rejected, or actually firsthand being rejected from a college, really hits close to home.

However, it is not as big of a burden as it seems to be, considering, that it’s honestly realistic to not get accepted to some colleges, even if it is the school you’ve been daydreaming about in class for four years.

Accepting that there is a possibility of not being admitted to college is the only way to actually be prepared for legit rejection. Becoming one with the fact that there is common ground between success and failure, will ultimately set you up to not be so heartbroken about the little white envelope in the mail.

However, not all colleges are going to deny you, and that is the ultimate brightside. A large amount of schools do not have an extremely prestigious acceptance rate, giving students with low grades and standardized test scores, a chance to receive a Post Secondary education.

Actually, in Idaho, Boise State University and the University of Idaho, accept up to almost 80 percent of first year students who apply. Therefore, giving many Sandpoint High School students who aspire to attend college, an easier and more affordable option.

Overall, college isn’t the easiest option, yet it is always available for students who wish to pursue it.