Tips to make this long, cold winter more enjoyable

Rebekah Nelson, Web Staff

The reason a lot of people love living here in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho, is because of the amazing winter season and the easy access  to a ski mountain, but there are still those few of us who have absolutely no desire to go play in the cold snow. Winter in Sandpoint is spent by most on Schweitzer Mountain, but there are people who don’t have a lot to do during the long cold months of winter here in the Northwest. Here’s just a few things that can help  non-winter people to get through the season.

Don’t be afraid to invest in some quality warmth. Being cold is a big part of the issue for people who don’t find joy in playing in the snow. That being said, investing money into the season you like the least might seem contradictory, but honestly it makes life through the winter so much easier when you can be cozy and warm through the chilly months. So try investing in a warm jacket or a comfy cozy scarf, or some gloves!

 Find something snow related that you can find joy in. Alright, we get it, the snow sucks, but if you can find something, it doesn’t have to be all sporty like skiing or snowboarding, but life through those three snowy months can be so much better if you can find a hobby you only do when there’s snow on the ground. Suggested activities include: ice skating, sledding, building snow people, ect.

Warm yourself from the inside out! Okay, every winter that rolls around calls for a pile of awesome, warm, cozy recipes that can be pulled out to make the winter months lovely and tasty. Along with your savory soups and chilis, you can’t forget to include some classic chocolate chip cookies and huckleberry pies. Good food makes everything better, everyone knows this.

Find a winter friend. Being in the minority of non-skiers here in Sandpoint, one of the easiest things you can do to find a way to enjoy your winter months is finding one of your friends who loves the season and spending time with them. Their love for the season, and how excited they’ll be to play in the snow will make you laugh, making it a little easier to bear through the next few cold and snowy months. Who knows, maybe it’ll even make winter fun.  

Light up your life with some quality winter spirit. One of the most dreary parts of the winter time is how soon it gets dark. 4:30 p.m. is not a time to go to bed, let alone end your day. Invest in some bright, cheery, colorful lights to hang around your house, so you can come home to happy  Christmas lights and make your short daylight hours seem longer and even more enjoyable.