Life Skills student, Eliyah Allen, receives homecoming nomination.


Addi House

Eliyah Allen accepting his nomination from Teacher and Student Council Coordinator, Mary Imaz.

Though marked by some as an antiquated popularity contest, this year’s nominations for Homecoming Royalty defy those notions and serve as an important turning point for the inclusiveness of all Sandpoint High School students.

Senior, Eliyah Allen, was surprised to hear his name announced at Friday’s assembly. Eliyah is the first Life Skills student to be nominated for homecoming Royalty.

“I think it’s really exciting and I hope that lots of people will vote for him. We’re excited for him in this classroom.” Christine Mulgrew, Life Skills Aid said.  

Mary Imaz, SHS Student Council Advisor, feels it’s important for all students to be involved and included in school events.

“I’m just glad that people can see beyond popularity and athleticism and academic achievement to become King and that we can have someone as cool, as different, as refreshing as Eliyah. I hope he gets voted.” Imaz said.

Homecoming Royalty will be announced Friday at half-time during Friday’s football game.