Advice for attending the dance as just friends.


Evelyn Webster, Opinion Editor

When it comes to attending homecoming, there are the couples who go above and beyond, and then there are the students who would rather stay at home with Netflix as their date. Although, ever wonder about the people who go to homecoming with just… their friends? It’s not very common, but it does happen. Yet, going with just a friend means setting some rules and boundaries.


Here are some tips for having an unromantic homecoming:


1. Dress up and match just as much as couples would do:

There’s no reason to underdress just because you don’t have a serious date. It’s still important to attend an occasion like homecoming for the memories. Plus, the pictures will still look dapper, no matter how the relationship is between you and your date.


2. Make it clear to your date that you’re attending with him/her just as a friendly gesture:

Although it may be established that you and your date are just friends, make sure the relationship stays the same throughout the night of homecoming. Misunderstandings can occur, and as friends, you want to make sure you communicate.


3. Establish well before the date of homecoming if you will be buying each other’s dinner and/or corsages:

Both showing up money-less to dinner because of the assumption your date will buy your dinner, could end up being a terribly awkward mess. Or, bringing your date a corsage for pictures and coming to find out they didn’t buy you one in return, won’t end up well.


4. If comfortable with each other, you should still dance together:

If you and your date are already friends, you most likely feel comfortable dancing with each other. There’s nothing wrong about dancing with a friend. Slow dancing could come with awkwardness, as it tends to always do, but if you feel comfortable, fo for it.


5. Still ask him/her to the dance in a nice way:

Whether you’re planning to attend homecoming with a friend or a companion, you should always ask them. Whether it’s a huge scavenger hunt with flowers and candy, or just a simple poster, it’s always a nice surprise and gesture. Hoco-posals are always essential for homecoming spirit.