SHS students have made the hallways bright with holiday decorations

Darien Bangeman, Staff Member

Student Council decorated the hallways during a snow day.
Mackenzie Packer
Student Council decorated the hallways during a snow day.

What is your favorite decoration?

“The lights and the snowflakes because I like how the lights make the snowflakes shine,” freshman Calista Needham said.

“The best decoration would be the paper snowflakes in the west hall because they look so beautiful,” sophomore Alex Jones said.

“My favorite decoration is the lights just because they are bright and that makes me happy,” junior Jayden Kellogg said.

“My favorite decoration would have to be the lights because it just brings a happy holly jolly feel to the hallways,” senior Thomas Cometto said.

How does the festivity throughout the school change how you feel and make others feel?

“It makes everyone super happy. I try to make sure my friends and family are jolly, because Christmas is coming and that’s what it’s all about,” freshman Calista Needham said.

“It makes me smile that everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, because Christmas has to be one of my favorite holidays,” sophomore Alex Jones said.

“The halls make me want to hug everyone and be nice because it reminds me of Christmas,” junior Jayden Kellogg said.

“It [the halls] makes me feel like I should be nicer to people because it’s a jolly time of year,” senior Thomas Cometto said.